Free shipping with SSS Prime

After successfully completing your order for SSS Prime. (If you have not done it already) you need to create an account - see the step 3 to check if you have made an account already or not.


Step 1: From the homepage, click on the account icon on the top right.

Step 2: Then click on create a new account below the "Sign In" button. 


Step 3: Enter your details and for email address, enter the same email address that you used when purchasing SSS Prime. Create a password and click "Create".

***If it says this email has been taken, it means you have already successfully created your account. You need to login and start shopping and use "Prime" as the discount code for free shipping***

Step 4: Start shopping and when you reach checkout, enter PRIME to get free shipping. Your checkout should look like the below. 

And that is all!