Cash & Trade Day @ SSS Westfield Sydney

Looking to liquidate or trade off some of your brand new items? SSS will be holding a Cash & Trade Event on Saturday 4th May between 10.00am to 2.00pm at SSS Westfield Sydney!

If your items are already consigned at SSS, simply message us via IG or FB and we can discuss about a possible deal.


  1. Bring hype items that you want to sell.
  2. We see IF it's something we are interested in and authenticate.
  3. We agree on the price and you can choose to receive cash or store credit (Agreed price + 10%)

Important note: If you choose store credit, the store credit amount must be spent fully on the the day.

What are we looking for:

  • Yeezy 350 V2
  • Yeezy 500
  • Yeezy 700 (Except Geode and Salt)
  • Air Jordan 1
  • ASSC Tees (Must have proof of purchase receipt) 
  • ASSC Hoodies (Must have proof of purchase receipt) 
  • Bape Tees
  • Converse x CDG Play (Sizes US3.5-US5.5)
  • Off White Tees
  • Off White Hoodies
  • Supreme Tees
  • Supreme Hoodies

Buying Price guide

Prices we buy will generally be prices of the same items instore less 30-40% - subject to whether it tends to sell fast or not, we can make exceptions on this rule. Note that the lower the price point, the higher the margin we need (E.g. Tee shirts) and the higher the price point, can we accept a lower margin (E.g. Box logo hoodies).

We will be buying until our budget for the day is reached. So don't miss out!

Other Terms and Conditions:

  • We only accept brand new condition items for Cash & Trade Day.
  • If you choose to have store credit, the credit must be used on the same day
  • A valid ID - driver's license or school ID will be required.