Appearing in quite a familiar partnership, artist Kaws and Japanese clothing brand UNIQLO have worked together over the last few years to deliver several sell out collections to fans. Rarely venturing out of the realms of either artistic graffiti, painting or construction, it's through semi-regular collections with UNIQLO that artist Brian Donnelly is able to flex his clothing design muscles. Whilst most pieces from the collections tend to appear in the form of graphic KAWS T Shirts, collections also often feature an assortment of accessories from bags through to plush toys.
Now whether you're only just learning about the world of KAWS and his work with Uniqlo, or perhaps you’re more of an OG fan holding pieces from the KAWS x Sesame Street collection or older. Arguably the best thing about the collections are their incredibly affordable price tags! Where you could often end up paying upwards of 300 AUD for a Supreme T-shirt, many of the KAWS tees often only set you back 1 third of the price if not less. Furthermore with a large assortment of styles, colours and sizes you can shop from between XXS all the way up to XXL! With many hype streetwear brands rarely offering these kinds of size ranges, KAWS x Uniqlo pieces really stand as a brand for everyone.
Having gained a larger portion of his fame within the Australian market through his exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria, this would provide the Kaws Uniqlo 2019 collection a significantly larger platform to reach an assortment of fans but more importantly the general public. Despite every UNIQLO store across the globe getting an assortment of stock for the collection we would inevitably see lines out the door even prior to the store’s opening for trading! Whilst most of the releases thankfully reamined civil there would be some which would escalate to the point of people physically pushing others out of the way in order to secure their pieces over others.
With many of the pieces featuring very simple graphics, these graphics would be pulled from KAWS’ collection of collectible figurines which would also drop at roughly the same time independent of any support from Uniqlo. Being yet another iconic face to the brand of KAWS these collectible figurines would sell out just as fast if not faster and only be made available on his online store or in small allocations to the museums that had previously held or were currently holding his exhibitions. With these collectible figurines being iconic to the brand it was the perfect fit for the Uniqlo x Kaws collection that we would inevitably see released.
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