Kanye West! A man many either come to love or only develop a deeper disdain for. Despite how the media perceives him as well as some of the questionable actions he’s made within the public's view, there is no denying that Kanye has developed as an artist in more than just one artistic field. Finding a great amount of fame through his musical career, he would begin by primarily acting as a producer creating beats for people as well as later himself. Over the following years Kanye would release several albums, each of which would push the social norms of music. Often expressing himself and his life through the projects he’s released, Kanye's discography provides an amazing view into his life and thought process as observed from afar.
Alongside his musical talents Kanye would simultaneously begin to develop himself as a multi faceted creator and artist through his musical Kanye West merch and later clothing line and collaborations. Often standing as a trendsetter not afraid to challenge the status quo, Kanye is regularly involved in the world of fashion to a significantly greater degree than most commercial rappers would be purely materialistically. Now most popularly known for his ‘Yeezy’ line, Kanye would previously hold a partnership with Nike as well as Louis Vuitton, being hailed as the ‘Louis Vuitton, Don’. Primarily working on footwear this would evolve with his partnership with Adidas which would see his Yeezy brand manifest and his infamous Adidas Yeezy Boost line of footwear become one of the most coveted and recognised around the world today.
With a strong musical footprint within the industry and now clothing line, Kanye would be a staple character within the musical industry to take artist merch to the next level. Having such a wide spread and devout fan base Kanye would choose to produce very large amounts of merch and make them widely available across the internet. Having pioneered this model we would later see other artists also tied to the GOOD MUSIC label release merch in very similar fashions. Alas, in accordance with his newest musical releases Kanye would continue to release his Kanye West Jesus is King merch line alongside the release of the album. Resting as quite a contentious album within the industry many found it to be extremely different to his previous sounds and represent an era of the artist that many did not agree with. 
In addition to this newly ushered in ‘era’ for Kanye and his music, Kanye would simultaneously launch a new venture, the Kanye West Sunday Service. Digging deep into his Christian roots, this movement would catch a lot of his fans off guard as many of the Christian ideologies had never been represented and often contested within his actions and previous music. Existing as a positive platform with the regular support of a choir, as expected a merch label was released. Featuring very relaxed silhouettes as well as muted tonal colours this collection would prove to be one of his most popular yet.
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