Having figuratively been ‘Born from pain’ in 1993, it’s thanks to Ian Connor that today we have the iconic sneaker silhouette, the Revenge x Storm. Existing as only one of Ian’s several clothing ventures, it would be through his grasp within the streetwear and instagram influencer industries that he would come to successfully launch the sneaker silhouette. Originally only released in very limited colourways to only the most exclusive creators within the streetwear and music industries, the world would slowly be introduced to the sneaker through the likes of Young Thug, Kylie Jenner and soon to be Hypebeasts around the globe.
Alongside creating quite a buzz within the streetwear community, it was through this attention that more and more people would find out about the pair and more and more people would come to refer to them as the ‘Lightning Bolt Vans’. Despite suspiciously sharing the near identical silhouette seen on the popular Vans ‘Old Skool’ model, this pair had no association whatsoever with the Vans brand, instead it just lifted off the iconic stripe, replacing it with a lightning bolt. For this reason as well as their retail price often being double that of a pair of Old Skool Vans, many people have come to regard the pair as uninspired and un-original. Despite the feelings some of the greater public would have about the pair, the Revenge x Storm sneakers are still incredibly popular today!
In addition to this collection, fans of Ian Connor’s work can shop the rest of the Revenge clothing line or his other brands, a popular one of which is ‘Sicko’. However if the shoes are primarily what you’re after no need to stress as there are several colours available with limited edition pairs releasing at popups in locations such as Australia and Japan. With each pair having a new and distinct colour and style, the sneakers are easy to integrate into nearly any wardrobe with nearly any style of clothing.
Now whether you recognise them as the Ian Connor Vans or not, you can be sure that whatever pair you’re after we’ll have you covered! With three stores across Australia, 2 in Melbourne and a third in Sydney, you can visit us in any of our locations to browse the pairs in person and even try them on! However if you’re unable to get in and pick up a pair, no need to worry as we’ve got a giant online store which often ships the next day to every country around the globe! Whether you’re after the Revenge x Storm black pair, or any other colour, you can be sure we’ve got you covered! Furthermore while you are in store or online, why not check out the rest of our range? Priding ourselves on our ability to find some of the seemingly un-finable pairs of sneakers and clothes, you can shop some of the most limited edition streetwear brands all in one location.