Standing as one of simultaneously the most iconic and recognizable brands to exist within our generation, Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman’s, Nike has seen years and years of coveted apparel and sneaker related releases. From humble beginnings to the now supporting a multi billion dollar brand, Nike has earned its place amongst streetwear brand greats through countless celebrity sponsorships and collaborations. Proving they’re deservant of their place, Nike regularly breaks the cultural bounds which commonly tie down their counterparts. Through the blending of the worlds of fashion, music and sport, as well as thanks to relationships built within these industries, Nike have created countless opportunities to work with masters within each of these fields.
An example of this blending of cultures can be seen through the prime example of the collaborative work with basketball player Michael Jordan, and the now streetwear staple sneaker the Jordan 1. Designed to be worn on the basketball court, Nike would continue over the years to nurture this collaboration both in terms of extending the product line but also developing the brand and image that the Jordan 1 portrayed. Whilst we rarely see the pair put into action these days it's largely because of this sneaker that the Jordan line has extended to 30+ iterations with the original Jordan 1 silhouette retiring into the hands of both lifestyle sneaker wearers as well as die hard trainer collectors.
Similarly falling in line with their sportswear heritage, Nike would also come to be known for their daring adaptations of seemingly simple shoe silhouettes. One of the most revolutionary changes to grace the market would come to be the introduction of their Air Max line, which if the name didn’t suggest, made us of air bubbles to emulate the feeling of ‘walking on air’. What came to be not only a drastic improvement of sneaker comfort, air max bubbles would later become a staple feature to several of the brand’s lines often being shifted into different positions, resized to either draw attention or avoid attention, as well as have colour introduced and the bubble remain transparent such that people could see right through the shoe!
One of the final most recognisable silhouettes that is well deservant of its mention is one which you probably already have in your wardrobe. An iconic model within the streetwear world, the Air Force 1 remains one of Nike’s simplest silhouettes featuring a synthetic leather upper and Nike’s trademark ‘Swoosh’ branding. Now over 30 years into its existence the model has seen hundreds if not thousands of adaptations either colour wise, size wise (high cut vs low cut) or perhaps most interestingly, material wise. Always looking to push the boundaries of their designs these days you can find tear away silk models, completely denim finished pairs and even waterproof gore-tex pairs.
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