Citing inspiration from a now defunct theme park from his hometown in Houston, Travis Scott’s third commercial release, ASTROWORLD broke him through into the upper echelon of rap with mega hits ‘Butterfly Effect’ & ‘Sicko Mode’.
ASTROWORLD wasn’t only a musical expression however and now almost two years removed from the albums release fans are still receiving Astroworld themed merchandise from La Flame. 
Initially rolling out the “WISH YOU WERE HERE” theme upon the albums release, Travis littered these releases with graphics and texts that focused on the amusement park theme of the album but throughout the albums life cycle Travis kept fans guessing with his merchandise.
From releases coinciding with his “Look Mom I Can Fly”  Netflix documentary, to performances at New York’s Madison Square Garden, Los Angeles The Forum and his very own ASTROWORLD Festival that all received their geographic specific releases. 
This has also led to several others putting their twist on the ASTROWORLD theme, including Virgil Abloh who teamed up for the ‘By a thread’ collaboration, Dover Street Market who created pieces exclusively available at their Los Angeles store and the Japan based Readymade, who created a 3 piece limited set of shirts.

Stepping outside of the ASTROWORLD Universe, Travis Scott’s very own ‘Cactus Jack’ label, comprised of Sheck Wes and Don Toliver has also received a string of merchandise releases that date back to 2018. Most notably alongside the “JACKBOYS” compilation album saw Cactus Jack themed apparel and accessories that stayed true to the graphic focused nature of other Travis Scott merchandise.
More recently was the cutting edge ‘Astronomical’ tour, which saw Travis Scott link up with video game behemoth Fortnite for a string of in-game digital performances that saw Travis Scott perform fan favourites as he was immortalised in the world of Fortnite. 
As unorthodox as it was it proved to be a huge success with over 27 million players tuning in over the five day event. In typical Travis Scott form this also saw a string of merchandise be released along with it; everything from exclusive Fornite cosmetics  to a slew of ‘Cactus Jack’ and ‘Astronomical’ themed hoodies, shirts and accessories and even a Nerf Gun collaboration. 
It’s moves like these that continue to propel Travis Scott’s place within popular culture, ever since his humble beginnings on early mixtapes and albums like “Owl Pharaoh” and “Rodeo”, Travis Scott’s merchandise has been long sought after by fans, however in the last couple years Travis has unleashed hundreds of pieces featuring all kinds of colours and graphics that has created a tangible world for his fans to engulf themselves in to show off their love for his music.